Three Mile Island?

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Three Mile Island?

Post  Lucifer on Mon Mar 21, 2011 4:19 am

I have to wonder, why choose the site of a Nuclear Power Plant hiccup as a name? It's an interesting choice.

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Re: Three Mile Island?

Post  Merc on Mon Mar 21, 2011 11:01 am

Good question! I thought this would come up in short order. I tend to choose the names for projects based around a few criteria; what my passing interests happen to be at the time, the aesthetic that the name produces and the ease of repetition and recall.

At the time I started this forum (around when the bot situation at SotC cropped up) I had become very interested in the mechanics behind nuclear incidents, and was actually in the planning stages of something set in an alternate reality where Three Mile Island was a catastrophic meltdown, creating a Chernobyl style exclusion zone. I never really got further than that, but I still have a few maps and concept images I had gathered.

As for the aesthetic of the words, Three Mile Island rolls off the tongue due to its syllabic flow, there can be no confusion in its pronunciation, and it initialises easily into TMI. I also like the sort of metaphorical angle it has (excuse me if I'm getting a little lofty) in that before we were in a forum City and now we are on a forum Island. It's easily remembered, can't really be spelt any other way and it makes for a good URL in my opinion.

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