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Post  Merc on Mon Mar 14, 2011 4:36 pm

The forums, separated as they are with their funky names and functions, may seem a little daunting to the newcomer who stumbles across them. A Propy-what? And how does one Ecclesse? That's why I'm posting this simple, jargon free guide to each forum and the purpose it serves in the greater scheme of the Three Mile Island.

The Propylaea is the simplest to understand - it's basically my bulletin board for anything you guys need to know, and for things that the member base thinks I need to know. Posted here are rules, guides (like this one), updates, announcements and everything that falls in between those broad categories, as well as topics voicing concerns or suggestions you might have. Keep an eye on new topics here as they likely pertain to Three Mile Island as a whole.

The Symposium is another easy one. This is the rough equivalent to a 'general discussion' board. You might want to tell us about your day or quiz other members on what good and evil means. I think talking to others is the easiest measure of stress relief, and I also think that you can only become wiser by surrounding yourself with contrary opinions. Vent, debate, discuss and enjoy each others company. I think the last one is the most important.

The Agora is my pet project and idea farm. When you're stuck in a creative rut, simply post a topic that you need inspiration on - for example, 'Vietnam War' - and see what the other members can help you out with. It might be poetry, pictures, music, writing, or simply personal experience which could cure that writers block and launch you into multi-million dollar stardom. Each topic can be as vague or as specific as your situation requires.

The Ecclesia is the next stop. It's my experience that posting and expanding upon each others ideas is what makes a good idea a great roleplay or story. If you're far enough in your setting or project to show us what you've got, post it here to get feedback and shows of interest. In the case of roleplays or character appeals for stories, you can also make sign up topics here. It is invisible to non-registered members.

The Proskenion is the last board thus far. Once you've got to a stage of completion or implementation, making a topic here will allow members to participate in commenting and analysis, as well as joining in on roleplays. You might also want to post your art or music, or any other personal project you've created recently. I'd like this to be the most active board, but I know our tendency to get a little lost in the process.

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