Dungeons & Dragons 2.0 (Active RP topic)

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Re: Dungeons & Dragons 2.0 (Active RP topic)

Post  Cuidado on Thu May 12, 2011 11:25 am

Azul began to raise his staff. Garrel screamed in his mind. His mind screamed, "RUN OR KILL HIM NOW! NOW!!!!!". Then the coin his Azul in the chest. "Thank you very much. Shall we go destroy the Kobolds?" This confused Garrel. Never had he seen a person change personality so quickly. It made Garrel curious. "Well, at least I know his weakness, or at least I have a get out of jail free pass", Garrel thought. "Yes. Let us go kill those bastard Kobolds." After Garrel said this, he turned around and thought, "Azul looks so happy. I wonder if he will skip all the way to the Kobolds." The thought of the tall, awkward conjurer skipping made Garrel snicker.

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